CESUR-38 5 Axis CNC Pipe & Tube Bending Machine

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  • Product Features :
  • 21 ‘’ color touch PC (intel Core i5cpu Ram 8gb) Windows 10 Licensed
    5 axis servo control (Y, B, C, H, V)
    4 axial centerpolation movements
    Improved 3D Tubular Simulation
    3D Machine bending simulation (Colision)
    Automatic pipe calculation
    Perforating feature (between 4-10 mm)
    Safety PLC (Omron)
    Safety OverEtherCat
    Safety mat (750x1000mm)
    2D Drawing program (free)
    All auxiliary movements are hydraulically operated
    (mandrel, clamp die, support, pusher, collet and shaft carrier)
    Hydraulic spindle carrier (arbor spindle) (3-sided clutch)
    Y Axis movement Linear Guide (THK) Japan
    Y Axis movement Rack and pinion ground (Gudal) Switzerland
    C Axis movement is done with Direct Drive gear system.
    H Axis movement Linear Guide, Ball Screw (THK) Japan
    V Axis movement Linear Guide, Ball Screw (THK) Japan 
    Security Switches
    Foot Pedal Control
    Manual and fully automatic operation feature
    Working without mandrel and mandrel feature
    Pulling feature while arming
    Possibility of bending pipes longer than the machine length (not applicable for all diameter)
    Unlimited radius with rolling system (pushing and bending)
    Spiral bending capability (only valid for certain diameters)
    Automatic lubricating system
    Automatic sled lubrication system
    Hydraulic oil cooling system (100 lt capacity)
    Programming in YBC mode and converting it to X, Y, Z, R format.
    Line by line deletion feature in the program
    Clicking feature in 3D pipe simulation (Y, B, C index viewing)
    Converting X, Y, Z, R coordinates to Y, B, C, R format with a button
    Conversion of DXF format chicory to Y, B, C format with a button
    Conversion of STEP format chicydosian to Y, B, C format with a button
    Open and view file in STL format (compare with step file)
    By defining the angle obtained after the first twisting of various materials to the machine, automatic calculation of the difference in the following bends and taking the correct result in the bends
    Cesurbend CNC software sends automatic reporting of all daily weekly monthly items to your e-mail addresses.
    The feature of restarting from the place where the program is taken as a result of the machine stop with power failure or emergency stop
    Showing work time
    Possibility to receive remote assistance and updates
    Compliance with standards
Technical Information
  • Model
  • CESUR-38 5 Axis CNC Pipe & Tube Bending Machine
  • Max. Pipe Diameter (Ø)
  • 38
  • Max. Wall Thickness (mm)
  • 2
  • Max. Bending Degree (°)
  • 190
  • Max. Bending Radius (mm)
  • 180
  • Min. Bending Radius (mm)
  • 25
  • Max.Pipe/Tube Length Capacity with Mandrel (mm)
  • 4000
  • Max.Pipe/Tube Length Capacity with non mandrel (mm)
  • Unlimited
  • Feeding Speed (mm/sn)
  • 1500
  • Rotation Speed (°/sn)
  • 180
  • Bending Speed (°/sn)
  • 150
  • Feeding (mm)
  • ± 0.1
  • Rotation (mm)
  • ± 0.1
  • Bending (mm)
  • ± 0.1
  • Feed axis movement
  • 5 Kw Servo Motor (OMRON)
  • Rotation Axis Movement
  • 0.75 Kw Servo Motor (OMRON)
  • Bending Axis Movement
  • 5 Kw Servo Motor (OMRON)
  • Right – Left Axis Movement
  • 0.75 Kw Servo Motor (OMRON)
  • Up and Down Movement
  • 1.5 Kw Servo Motor (OMRON)
  • Hydraulic System (kW)
  • 5,5
  • Max. Hydraulic Pressure (bar)
  • 200
  • Oil tank capacity (lt)
  • 100
  • Cooling Capacity (lt./ min)
  • 180
  • Machine Width (mm)
  • 1400
  • Machine Length (mm)
  • 6200
  • Machine Height (mm)
  • 1800
  • Machine Weight (kg)
  • 4250
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